The Replenishment Move Order

The Replenishment Move Order is created by Oracle Inventory through any of the following replenishment planning methods:

  • Min-Max planning
  • Replenishment counting
  • Kanban replenishment
  • Pre-approved move orders are created to source material from one location to another within the same inventory organization.

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    The Next Demo from Jennifer

    Next in the series of demonstrations that Jennifer is conducting for the folks at Office Smart Solutions (OSS), she decides to use Kanban to trigger a move order for inventory replenishment.

    The Pull Sequence

    Jennifer has to start with defining the Pull Sequence shown below.

    She selects the M1 inventory organization in the Vision database for her demo. She also selects an item that has abundant on hand balance in the Stores subinventory but zero stock in the Floorstock subinventory. So she selects Floorstock as the destination subinventory and Stores as the Source.

    She then proceeds to create 5 kanban cards of 100 quantity each. To bring these cards into existence she clicks on the Generate Cards button. Oracle Inventory then generates the 5 cards as shown below.

    Replenishing a Kanban Card

    Jennifer pulls up the 5 cards that she created. She selects the first of them – Card Number 11501 and chooses to call for a restocking of 100 units of the Item LD01. She clicks on the Replenish button. This creates a pre-approved Move Order for 100 units of Item LD01 to be sourced from the Stores subinventory and to be moved into the Floorstock subinventory.

    Jennifer directly approaches the Transact Move Orders screen and queries for the Move Order as shown below

    She retrieves the Move Order. Move Order Number 2064428. This is her Replenishment Move Order.

    What remains now is to transact this Move Order. Jennifer performs the Move Order transaction and believes that this would result in 100 units of item LD01 being moved from the Stores subinventory to the Floorstock subinventiry. That is precisely what happens.

    Jennifer queries the Material Transactions form to find that the Move Order 2064428 had depleted the Stores subinventory and added to the stock in the Floorstock subinventory.

    This completes her demo.

    Let us view an enhanced version of Jennifer's demo, below.

    FREE DEMO: Kanban Replenishment with Move Orders in R12

    This is a FREE Download for 30 Days. 
    The demo runs with full functionality, for 30 Days from the Date of first use.

    Click anywhere on the picture below to download the DEMO.

    If you have any technical issues with downloading this demo, do email us

    In this demo, we

    • Define a new Item
    • Configure the Item for Kanban Planning
    • Create on-hand balance for the item
    • Define a Pull Sequence for internal replenishment
    • Generate and print Kanban Cards
    • Replenish each Kanban Card
    • Review Move Orders generated for replenishment of the Kanban cards
    • Transact move Orders and verify replenishment
    • Define a Pull Sequence for replenishment from a Supplier
    • Generate and print Kanban Cards
    • Replenish each Kanban Card
    • Process Purchase Requisitions from the interface generated by Kanban Replenishment (and for Kanban Replenishment)

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