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A Situation

The pressure is on! You have just been taken onboard a project where you are the consultant for Work in Process or WIP. You may be the guru of Order Management but little does your client suspect that this would be your first tryst with WIP.

Your client looks up to you as the WIP expert worthy of the dollars you would bill her per hour.

As usual the only training you can count on is the one they call "self learning". What would your plan of action be?

What you really want is to cut to the chase and master the fundamentals of the relevant module in the little time that you have on your hands.

What do you do now?

Most of us begin by burning the midnight oil to get to the end of the relevant User Guide. Or better still, reach out to a friend or colleague who has the relevant knowledge and product-specific material.

Video Snippets from the End-to-End Oracle Inventory R12 Complete Video Project

So what's this site about?

In our careers as an Oracle Applications professionals we have found that affordable resources for a quick ramp-up are noticeable only by their absence.

Having published a number of whitepapers on Oracle Metalink and similarly respected global forums, we find that for professionals on the field, the tools for accelerated skill building remain as scarce today in the dawn of Release 12 as they were in the age of Release 10.7.

This site works to fill the void.

New: A Social Network for Oracle Apps Professionals

We are happy to announce the start of Oracle Apps Professionals Online, a Social Network for all Apps Professionals.

This is a Social Network, where Oracle Apps Professionals, such as yourself, can connect with peers in your field, to share knowledge, content, information. Discuss issues, job openings, experience, or even plan a get-together for lunch… anything!

Create you own Groups, create your own Blogs, your own Pages, share media and files, send out tweets... anything you need, to get your job done, and to get noticed!

We invite YOU, to join this network...

How Office Smart Implemented their R12 Multi Org Setup...

(Based on a Real Implementation)

And why not something about the R12 Internal Requisition Cycle?

If you are an experienced consultant working on a project, or a support guru working on a TAR (or Service Request) or an enthusiastic beginner, this site is dedicated to be your portal for Apps knowledge that you can tap into whenever you need it.

We welcome you to this new world of learning and hope you will enjoy your journey towards knowledge and success in Oracle Applications!

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