Inventory Items in Oracle Work in Process

Oracle Work in Process is about building products. Products or Finished Goods are made of subassemblies and components. And these building blocks translate into Inventory Items.

Dwight realizes that before he proceeds any further, he needs to define the items needed for building his office chair. He takes a look at the drawing on his wall.

Demo: Dwight Creates Some Inventory Items

This is an exercise that is executed in Oracle Inventory.

Click anywhere on the picture below,
A new window opens to run the Demo.

In case your browser allows,
Use F11 or View > Full Screen to browse.

There's a green button that says Start Demo,
Click it and that's it! You are good to go!

Running a demo in Full Screen you can tell,
You are not missing a single detail.

A Thought, Aside...

This demo deals with only 3 items to give you a feel of item creation in Oracle Inventory. Dwight has to create a lot more items.

In an implementation, it may not be feasible to create items manually, especially if there is a significantly large number of items to be created, as is usually the case. In such a case the decision may be made to either upload items programatically through the Items Interface or use a Data Loader for this purpose.

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