The Pick Wave - Pick Release Paradox

by Catherine Jenkins
(Chicago, USA)

Dear Friends of,

I wish to extend my heartfelt support and good wishes to the magical fairies and pixies who are ever so silently creating this site, and filling it up with content that would otherwise cost an arm and a leg to access/procure in the Apps market.

I enjoyed the topic of Move Orders and wanted to share my 2 cents on a Pick Wave issue that I stumbed upon and fell flat on my face!

It appears that with a Pick Wave Move Order in R12, there is no way to manually allocate the Serial number of your choice.

Here is how the ideal situation would have worked.

1) The user is not happy with the Serial that has been "Pick Confirmed" and is now in Staging.

2) So, in an attempt to reverse the process, he Backorders the Sales Order. Performs Ship Quantity = 0, and Backorder Quantity = 2 (let us assume that is the

quantity to be reversed). By reversed we mean Serial Numbers 21 and 22 are to be brought back to FGI or Stores (from Staging) and Serial Numbers 25 and 26 to be taken to Staging for Shipping.

Backordering the Sales Order removes the reservation from the Serial number items but they remain in the Staging subinventory.

Here's the first issue! Ideally, these items should have moved back to their originating subinventory (FGI or Stores, or whatever) when the Sales Order was backordered, but they don't. There is an Enhancement Request in Bug 2054270, to include this feature.

3) So, the user does a Subinventory Transfer of the 2 Lot/Serial controlled items from Staging to Stores/FGI. This will move serial numbers 21 and 22 back to Stores/FGI/wherever they came from.

4) The user now Pick Releases the Backordered Sales Order with
Auto Allocate = No
Auto Pick Confirm = No
Now, Pick Release will create a Pre-Approved Pick Wave Move Order.

5) The user believes that the new Pick Wave Move Order has given him a second chance. For this Move Order, the user hopes that he will be able to manually allocate Lot/Serial numbers using the "View/Update Allocations" button using the Transact Move Orders form.

However, the user finds that he cannot perform manual allocation of a Pick Wave Move Order.
Dead End!!!

An Enhancement Request to facilitate manual allocation of Pick Wave Move Orders is in place through Bug 7681071.

Moral of the story: If you've got a Pick Wave Move Order, the system does the picking for you. You cannot pick the serial numbers you want!!


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