Creating the Item Master Organization for Office Smart Solutions

What is the Item Master Organization?

It is something that needs to be set up even before the consultants at OSS begin creating the manufacturing organizations and warehouses within OSS.

The item master organization also referred to as the item master should be the first inventory organization to be defined. This organization serves as the central repository for item definitions. Items are entered at the master level and are then assigned to be used in child organizations. This is the sole purpose of the master organization. It has no subinventories and is not used for inventory transactions.

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Office Smart Master – The Item Master for OSS

The OSS consultants define an organization and classify it as an Inventory Organization. They named it Office Smart Master or OSM. The steps to defining OSM are no different from the defining of an inventory organization. The only difference is that Office Smart Master is defined as its own item master as seen below. Once that happens, Oracle begins to recognize Office Smart Master as a valid item master for other organizations too. It is only then that this organization appears in the list of values of the Item Master Organization field, when creating a new inventory organization. All other inventory organizations that would be created in OSS will have Office Smart Master as their master organization. We would then call these organizations, child organizations of Office Smart Master.

OSM is the organization code or short name given to Office Smart Master. The steps to defining an inventory organization have been demonstrated in the next page. 

The Accounting Information for OSM

Office Smart Master may be assigned a Primary Ledger, Legal Entity and Operating Unit which are the same as or different from the ones assigned to the "child organizations". It depends on the organization structure. If for example, an enterprise has its corporate headquarters in the US and had manufacturing plants located in the US, UK and France, then there may be a Primary Ledger, Legal Entity and Operating Unit for each of these geographies. However, the management may choose to have the item master assigned to the Primary Ledger, Legal Entity and Operating Unit in the US. 

Since Office Smart Solutions has its manufacturing locations within the US, there would be a common set of Primary Ledger, Legal Entity and Operating Unit as seen below.

Creation of these entities has been detailed in 

Setting Up the Oracle Inventory Organization Structure 

Creating the Operating Unit 

The OSS consultants now set their sights on creating the first inventory organization for OSS. 

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