How to upload Oracle Inventory transactions from CSV file

by naoufel MAMI,
Senior Oracle Supply Chain Technico-Functional Consultant
(Saudi Arabia)

First I would like to thank you about this site I found very useful.

I'll show in this post how from a CSV file you can upload Oracle Inventory transactions.

First, I have to prepare a CSV file at a specific format using MS Excel software. Then I'll upload this document using Inventory > Item > Documents form as File document type. Finally, I have prepared one request which took as input the file ID from an LOV then submit. Principle role of this request is to read data from uploaded file and insert lines into staging table, a second scheduled request will run to pick data from this staging table to mtl_transaction_interface then processed to inventory using Process transaction interface is a scheduled request.

To reach this functionality I have developed a package based on those two seeded packages :

DBMS_LOB.READ(fil, l_end_pos, l_start_pos, buf);
l_text := UTL_RAW.cast_to_varchar2(buf);

By creating a new responsibility and grants access to this form you can control who can use this functionality.

I hope you will find help in this article.

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