A Release 12.0.4 "Flavor" of Min-Max & Reorder Point Planning

by Jeff Stringham
(Jacksonville, Florida, USA)

Not many Apps professionals may have been blessed with the opportunity to run Min-Max Planning in Release 12.0.4 as R12.0.4 had a brief life span before R12.0.6 came in.

So, when the opportunity presented itself I took it suspecting my Min-Max run on 12.0.4 would be no different from any that I had performed in 11.5.10 or earlier releases on E-Biz Suite.

But, then came the surprise! Min-Max Planning or Reorder Point Planning when run for the first time with Restock = Yes, generates Approved Purchased Requisitions for items below Monimum Quantity or Reorder Point. To ensure that Requisitions come in as pre-approved we had set the profile INV: Minmax Reorder Approval to "Pre-approved" at the site level.

Now, Min-Max and Reorder Point acknowledge approved requisitions as valid sources of supply. Therefore, the next time we run Min-Max or Reorder Point with Restock = Yes and ensuring that the Supply Cutoff Date is set to exceed the Need By Dates on the Requisitions generated in the first run, we would expect that no further requisitions would get created.

But, Min-Max and Reorder Point continue to generate new requisitions oblivious of the approved requisitions that exist from previous runs.

This is a bug in Release 12.0.4 which is fixed by PO patch 7187802:R12.PO.A.

This issue has been fixed from Release 12.0.6 onwards.

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